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Forms of Stigma

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

*Isolation and Rejection- Base On ignorance and fear.

*Shaming and blaming- gossip, name calling, insulting, bad behavior for breaking social norms.

Discrimination (enacted Stigma)- unfair Treatment towards people living with HIV. *thought provoking questions:

1) do you fear that you could contract hiv if you come into contact with saliva of a person living with hiv?

2) do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I would be ashamed if I or someone in my family had HIV.

3) is there a law that prosecute/ criminalize those who do not disclose their HIV status to partners and employees in your state?

I would love for you to reflect on those questions and ask yourself how does that make me feel.

Then I would love for you to take a pledge:

A) Be informed by committing to avoid using derogatory and harmful words that perpetuate HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ/SGL stigma.

B) Be an Advocate or Ally by engaging in courageous community conversation about social, economical and judicial issues that affects people living with HIV/AIDS. C) Spread The Word by sharing the HIV/AIDS toolkit and campaigns that assist people living with HIV/AIDS hashtags are away to show support here are a few you can start using #yourwordsmatter #endhivstigma #starttalkingstophiv #openlypositive❣️ #greaterthanaids D) Get Tested Know your status, encourage people around you to know their status too. This information was provided by National Black Justice Coalition.Org

Thank you Mr Dave Johns for this information.

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