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Openly Positive In The Community

Today was an amazing day. My top of the morning started out with an HIV/AIDS Group Resources Unifying Prevention and Treatment Summit. HELD by Rutgers University. There were speakers in building to name a few:

- Kira Berstecher

Director, Emergency Department Grant Services Our Lady Lourdes Medical Center and Vice Chair of the New Jersey HIV Planning Group.

- Christopher Menschner, DHSTS, Assistant Commissioner of Health.

- Kathy Ahearn-o'brien, Executive Director, Hyacinth Foundation.

- Henry Raymond, Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, school of Public Health, Rutgers University. - Jesse Milan, President and CEO, AIDS United.

* we talked about reducing the rate of new HIV infections by 75% * Ensure that 100% of persons living with HIV/AIDS know their status. * Ensure that 90% of persons Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are virally suppressed.

They are predicting to END the Epidemic by 2025 that's the GOAL.

Know that none of these things would be possible if we don't start educating ourselves, our peers, children, young adults, elderly, providers ( yes I said providers), you'd be surprised how many providers, case workers, clinicians, and others that stigmatized, discriminate, and just make the clients visit a total nightmare where they relapse our of care and goes ghost. We can achieve massive progression if we all do our part in ending this epidemic by advocating, volunteering, and participating and assisting in making the clients experience much easier by supporting.

There's multitude of assistance and CBO's that have services to make the linkage to care, and the retention to care less strenuous than it already is.

LET'S End this epidemic by being a voice and support this cause to all genders and causes.

Thank you so much for reading.  Hope this waa a good read to a positive road mad towards ending new HIV infected cases. Please leave a comment, like my page, share, follow my IG: openlypositive or

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