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Who are Crimson Queens:

  • If you are a Red Ribbon Warrior AKA a person living with HIV.

  • If you have struggled with your diagnosis for far to long and now it’s time to spread your wings.

  • If you have finally Chosen Yourself over everything and everyone else.

  • If you know that you are more then your diagnosis.

  • All of those characteristics are the characteristics of a Crimson Queen. 



What do Crimson Queens Do:

  • We are game changers

  • Stigma breakers 

  • Mind refrainers 

  • Critical thinkers and action takers 

Crimson Queens was created to bring a safe space for people living with HIV, where they can be their authentic self and to being about change worldwide.


The Crimson Queens initiatives start with the island of St Martin/ St Maarten where the founder Thamicha Isaac is from. 


Raising awareness surrounding the affects HIV still have on the island is prevalent and Ms Isaac being the 1st St Maartener to be a public figure amidst her diagnosis, her perspective on how HIV is viewed and changes the narrative on how people living with HIV is viewed on the island and worldwide. 

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